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Whether you want to build a student research experiment, buildout a custom program, become a strategic partner, or strengthen your education programs, DreamUp will get you started.

Research In Space

DreamUp offers space research opportunities on both Blue Origin’s New Shepard space vehicle and in low-Earth orbit onboard the International Space Station. Our opportunities are accessible to students and innovators of all ages, making space research accessible to anyone with a passion for science.

Attend A Rocket Launch

Feel the ground shake beneath you as you watch one of the world’s greatest wonders. Experience the breathtaking magic of a rocket launch, from the best seats in the house.

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The opportunities are limitless with DreamUp. Whether your school wants to do a research project, your district wants to implement certified curriculum, or you want to build out a national contest, DreamUp is your go to for bringing space to the classroom, and the classroom to space.

You bet DreamUP made top of the list!

5 Fascinating EdTech Companies From National Education Week

“DreamUp allows students to design their own science experiments — which the company will launch into space — to be conducted by actual astronauts. DreamUp is taking advantage of the private, commercial space vehicles pioneered by SpaceX and others. For those who know about STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) education, allowing middle and high school students to design and actually launching space research is pretty darn cool. So far, DreamUp has flown more than 230 unique educational experiments and 40 more are in the pipeline for 2016.”

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