NanoRacks proudly works every day to democratize the utilization of low-Earth orbit, and DreamUp is honored to work with NanoRacks as our launch services provider. The entrepreneurial company is the first to market its own hardware and services onboard the International Space Station. NanoRacks' vision is to bring together three concepts as their driving force: low-cost, standardization of hardware, and understanding the customer. Our low-cost model places microgravity research projects within a realistic budget of hundreds of universities, small organizations, and first-time commercial space research users.

The Company is excited to allow launch opportunities to DreamUp, and make outer-space research accessible to students across the world.


NanoRacks In Space

Over 250 Payloads Launched to ISS

Record-Breaking CubeSat Deployments from ISS

First National Space STEM Program with no NASA Funding (SSEP)

First Company to Place Customers on All ISS Launch Vehicles: Space Shuttle, Soyuz, Progress, HTV, ATV, SpaceX, Orbital

First KickStarers Customers to Get to Space (ArduSatisfi)

First Self-Paying High School Space Project (Valley Christian Schools)

Complete In-House Capabilities

Payload Integration

Full-Service NASA Safety Review

Interface Control Document Generation

Full-Service Verification Capabilities

Experts at Minimizing Verification Waste

Design and Development for Educational, Commercial, Not-for-Profit, Government