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From Space.com

Lights! Camera! Science! Why Hollywood Should Focus on Real Space Stories

Memo to Hollywood: Science is not boring.

Producers and directors may think that science is only exciting when it is science fiction, but the truth is almost always stranger (and more interesting) than fiction.

Indeed, Hollywood has the men and the movie to prove this claim, as well as the box-office receipts to confirm this assertion.

Look no further than the 1995 docudrama “Apollo 13,”directed by Ron Howard and starring Tom Hanks, Kevin Bacon and the late Bill Paxton. A film as dramatic as it is dependent on science, and which is based on a real-life story in which science is the critical factor between life and death, “Apollo 13” is a tale about — what?

From SpaceNews

Australia and America: United for a New Space Age

Having attended the International Astronautical Congress in Adelaide, Australia, I can attest to the country’s eagerness to join America in promoting space-based research.

I can confirm this fact, not because of the enthusiasm of panelists and members of the press, but because of the words – and actions – of teachers, scientists and public figures who want to partner with America to explore the heavens. 

Australia is, after all, more than the “Land Down Under”: It is a land of Anglo-Asian influence, home to a diversity of peoples and a number of top research universities, doctors, engineers, entrepreneurs and advocates of space-based research.

From eldiario.es

Hundreds of School Experiments Travel to Space Thanks to these Dreamers

Think up a scientific experiment in the classroom and launch it in a rocket to the International Space Station to test it in microgravity conditions: the company DreamUp has taken on the mission that young students can carry out that original activity with their help.

Some schools and institutions are already turning to this company that brings space research closer to the classroom and has helped launch 370 student experiments.

Our students in the News

Stockton University students

The Ocean City Patch and The Current shared stories on Stockton University students who worked with our partner, the Student Spaceflight Experiments Program (SSEP), to launch “Spores in Space: The Effects of Microgravity on Endomycorrhizae”.

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Palatine, IL’s Boy Scout Troop 209

The Chicago TribuneCBS Chicago, and the Daily Heraldhighlighted the incredible work of Palatine, IL’s Boy Scout Troop 209 to design and launch their experiment. Troop 209 were the first Boy Scouts to send an experiment into space!

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Israel Hayom on the Ramon SpaceLab

Israel Hayom has an article on the Ramon SpaceLab, a scientific education program which invited students to submit ideas, resulting in five MixStix investigations selected to fly to the ISS.

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Rochester SSEP students

Rochester SSEP students were featured in The Democrat and Chronicle and WHEC for their experiment determining the speed of chlorophyll deterioration in microgravity.

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Vine Middle School students

WATE shared the experiment from Vine Middle School students, selected by SSEP, to test how microgravity affects the separation of blue-green algae from water.

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Australian Cuberider Students

The Australian students working with Cuberider-1, an educational module that runs on computer code were featured in the Blacktown Sun, the Sydney Morning Herald, and the Campbelltown Macarthur Advertiser.

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National Center for Earth and Space Science Education

Student Spaceflight Experiments Program

Watch your dreams launch to space.

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