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That analysis of puzzling results is a standard part of the scientific process, something that’s a key aspect of the student research projects that DreamUp supports. To date, the corporation has launched more than 375 experiments into space from nearly every state and a dozen countries, offering the needed hardware, guidance in designing projects and technical support in getting astronauts at either the ISS or on Blue Origin’s New Shepard space vehicle to participate in the research.

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To march is to “walk or proceed quickly, and with determination” — a fitting definition for the month of March, as we celebrate Women’s History Month and commemorate the achievements of countless women, including in the fields of space travel and astronomy. 

Indeed, so indispensable are their contributions, and so influential are their most indispensable contributors, that there wouldn’t have been a space race without the efforts of those whose gender constitutes more than half of the human race. It is important for our fellow citizens to know the things they would not have if it weren’t for the achievements of women. Many of these are things people now could not do without.

Teachers who want to increase students’ interest in space and emulate Tyson’s teaching style can start by adopting a free space-focused curriculum from my company, DreamUp. When educating students about something so esoteric, it helps — it is essential — to captivate minds with captivating materials.

Credit: National Geographic Channel

Our Students in the News

Stockton University students

The Ocean City Patch and The Current shared stories on Stockton University students who worked with our partner, the Student Spaceflight Experiments Program (SSEP), to launch “Spores in Space: The Effects of Microgravity on Endomycorrhizae”.

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Palatine, IL’s Boy Scout Troop 209

The Chicago TribuneCBS Chicago, and the Daily Heraldhighlighted the incredible work of Palatine, IL’s Boy Scout Troop 209 to design and launch their experiment. Troop 209 were the first Boy Scouts to send an experiment into space!

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Israel Hayom on the Ramon SpaceLab

Israel Hayom has an article on the Ramon SpaceLab, a scientific education program which invited students to submit ideas, resulting in five MixStix investigations selected to fly to the ISS.

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Rochester SSEP students

Rochester SSEP students were featured in The Democrat and Chronicle and WHEC for their experiment determining the speed of chlorophyll deterioration in microgravity.

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Vine Middle School students

WATE shared the experiment from Vine Middle School students, selected by SSEP, to test how microgravity affects the separation of blue-green algae from water.

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Australian Cuberider Students

The Australian students working with Cuberider-1, an educational module that runs on computer code were featured in the Blacktown Sun, the Sydney Morning Herald, and the Campbelltown Macarthur Advertiser.

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