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DreamUp continues to accept donations to help more students gain access to research opportunities in outer space. We are now offering an unparalleled program on Blue Origin's New Shepard space vehicle.

At DreamUp, we seek to inspire students with the limitless potential of outer space by providing direct access to scientific and technical hardware and organizing a wide array of personal and career development activities. This space research program allows students and teachers to gain an unparalleled real-world STEM experience that engages today’s dreamers and prepare tomorrow’s problem solvers. Our programs provide hands-on experiences at the intersection of science, technology, humanities, and innovation while spreading awareness of the diverse opportunities offered in the space sector and other technical industries. The jobs of tomorrow will depend on STEM proficiency as well as the soft skills that STEM learning develops that will be crucial to students’ future success – communication, problem solving, critical thinking, and data analysis. 

We want to make sure every interested student has the opportunity to be inspired by the incredible opportunity to research in space.

The funds contributed to the DreamUp Scholarship Fund allow us to help make sure every student who wants to research has the chance to do so - no one should every be denied the opportunity to explore the universe because they are not able to afford it. 

Student teams that are short in budget may apply to the DreamUp Scholarship Fund where our board of experts will determine if they are in need of assistance. We try to help every team that we can, and we need your help to make this happen! 

Please note: DreamUp is a Public Benefits Corporation, not a 501(c)3.

Contribution Incentives: 

$10-$250: Receive a signed certificate of appreciation from the DreamUp team.

$251-$500: Receive updates from the team your funds helped throughout the project, as well as a signed certificate of appreciation from DreamUp.

$501-$1,000: Receive all of the above, including an item that has flown to space.

$1,001-$5,000: Receive all of the above and a VIP ticket to attend an International Space Station (ISS) Commercial Resupply Launch (travels costs not included).

$5,001-$6,999: Receive all of the above, plus a vote on the team(s) who will benefit from your gift.

$7,000+: Full payload sponsor! Your entire donation covers the full cost of a student project on Blue Origin's New Shepard space vehicle. Receive all of the above, plus you can pick a team of your choice that you think is deserving of this special opportunity.

See the amazing research you can sponsor below! 

Partner with DreamUp and Blue Origin

DreamUp and Blue Origin are partnering to offer high school and university students a chance to fly their research into suborbital space on board the New Shepard space vehicle.  Alumni can now sponsor students at their alma mater to receive this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. 


Create A Lasting Impact At Your School

Interested alumni should contact DreamUp to be in the first class of Suborbital Space Sponsors.  Throughout the fall of 2016, DreamUp is building relationships with high schools and universities to ensure students nationwide and around the globe have access to suborbital space research opportunities. The Suborbital Space Sponsor program will be unique to each school to reflect the needs of students and sponsors; however, alumni can likely enjoy the following benefits:

  • Meetings with the students they sponsor
  • Participation in launch day celebrations with the student researchers
  • Updates on the research, the experiment results, and how the experiments will further scientific study in their area of interest
  • Assurance that space-based research for students at their alma mater is possible in perpetuity

Be The First!

For the first time, alumni can play a key role in ensuring their alma mater has the most innovative space-based opportunities for student researchers, creating incentives for incoming students and building a lasting legacy that will impact generations to come.  Email to get started.