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Space-Based Research for Your Learner

In partnership with Xtronaut and NanoRacks, we’ve created cost-effective kits to bring space-based research to your home, classroom, or afterschool program. Each Dreamkit comes with the tools and equipment to conduct an awesome space-based STEM experiment, a detailed scientific workbook, and access to an online portal to compare results on Earth with the results of the same experiment on the International Space Station. Reserve yours today!

In partnership with DreamUp, and our launch services provider NanoRacks, SSEP has flown over 200 student experiments to the International Space Station, engaging 74,000 students grades 5-16. Mission 11 splashed down on September 18, 2017, and the students are analyzing their data! Mission 12 is expected to launch in spring 2018. Featured above are students from Hamlin Park School 74 in Buffalo studying potato growth, inspired by The Martian!

Partnership with DLR

Überflieger is under way. In coordination with the German space agency, DLR, university teams across Germany competed for the opportunity to launch an experiment to space. The three teams selected are investigating questions such as how planets form and how propulsion technology works in microgravity. The teams have received their NanoLabs, and they’re working hard to make their project submissions a reality! Their NanoLabs will launch in summer 2018., Learn more on our blog.