DreamUp Is Answering the Call to Action

DreamUp provides opportunities for students and teachers to gain unparalleled real-world STEM experience to engage today’s dreamers and prepare tomorrow’s problem solvers.

Our world is becoming increasingly more globalized and technology-driven. Students no longer need to perceive STEM as being too difficult. Our hands-on experience teaches students more than science and technology. Our programs develop skills in communication, problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, and data analysis in a way that’s exciting and engaging for students of all levels.

Our best teammates.

Our Students Are The Best!

  • Increased interest in science and math education
  • Desire to pursue STEM careers
  • Engage in real-world science experience

We are the organization we are today because of the students, teachers, parents and advisors that are passionate about the mysteries of the universe. Student researchers are a key part of our team and our success. Every year we grow the number of students engaged in space-based research by thousands, and every year, a new generation of explorers is born.

Photo Credit: SSEP/NCESSE

7 Years in the Making

Over 450 unique research experiments launched to space.

DreamUp, partnered with Nanoracks, has launched experiments from nearly every US state and more than 12 countries worldwide. Will you be next?