Portal to Space

Take a look inside the International Space Station, or compare the results of your DreamKit experiments with the results that we found in space. Learn more about what it takes to launch an experiment to the ISS and more.

DreamKit Portal

Click here to compare your DreamKit results with the results we found in space


Access to the DreamKit portals are available only to learners who have used our DreamKits. Buy yours today to get your experiment started and get access to this exclusive content.

Germs in Space

Compare the results of your microbial growth experiment on Earth with what we found in space.

Crystal Growth in Space

See the sweet results of our sugar crystal growth experiment on the ISS, and see how they compare with your sugar crystals.


Coming Soon!

More DreamKits to Come!

We’re dreaming up new kits to provide opportunities to participate in awesome space research projects.

Portal to the Stars

What is it like to live on the International Space Station?

Google Street View worked with astronauts on the ISS to show you the space station, from the science labs to the Cupola that provides breath-taking views of our planet Earth.

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