Space in your classroom.


Here are some free resources so you can learn about space in your classroom today.

Free Curriculum

To The Future and Beyond

DreamUp is thrilled to release our first-ever STEM curriculum for use by all educators.  This Next Generation Science Standard compliant curriculum uses imagery from space to cover topics ranging from science, English Language Arts, math, and digital media with possible extensions into social and political science.

Whether you are preparing for your own in-space experiment, or want a unique twist to your science class, our free curriculum will bring space to your classroom, and your classroom to space.  Please download, use and let us know about the results!

Student Activites

Check out some easy, free activities that you can do at home or in your classroom!

Our student activities are an easy way to bring space into your classroom immediately. Build an Alien Head or a MixStix to learn about phototropism, gravitropism, density, microgravity, and more.

Take it to space

Want to take it to the next level? We can get you and your students doing authentic research in space.