Our Hardware

Let's Get Mixing


Mixstix are our most basic research platform. These mixture enclosure tube allow students to test out biologicals, materials, chemicals, and more inside the chambers. Our most basic tubes allow astronauts to activate the tubes by hands, and our more advanced platform is automated, which allowed for more precise movements and measurements.

Experiment Not Included


Nanolabs are our most powerful platform. Imagine a box — and then think outside of the box. Any experiment you can dream of, within NASA safety precautions of course, can be done inside this box. The box is ready with power and data, and you dream up the rest! Students have studied everything from materials, plant growth to biological processes, bacteria and more.

Überflieger NanoLab

An Überflieger Nanolab ready for the lab

We appreciate proper lab safety, but your Nanolab experiment should be contained entirely inside of the enclosure.

Credit: NASA

A CubeSat Deploying from the International Space Station

Orbit the Earth


These small satellites are about the size of a loaf of bread (or smaller!) and deploy from the International Space Station. But they come with big power. From a CubeSat you can observe climate, ship tracking, on the ground developments, and more. CubeSats are the most complicated of our offerings — they require a satellite bus, radios and government licenses. Learn more about what it takes to develop and launch a CubeSat in NASA’s CubeSat 101 Guide. Are you ready to take on the challenge? We’ll work with you every step of the way to make it happen.