Grass in Space

Follow along with an easy at-home experiment, and see the differences between Earth and space!
About Grass in Space

Getting Started

Here’s an easy experiment you can do to see the differences in how plants grow on Earth compared to how they grow in microgravity on the International Space Station. In this experiment, you will make your own “Alien Head” and watch it grow. Then, you can compare its growth to that of grass on the International Space Station.

Check out the photos below to see how grass has grown in the International Space Station and compare it with the grass that has grown in your Alien Head. What are the differences? Why do you think that grass grows differently on Earth than it does in the International Space Station?

Alien Heads at the Boy Scout Jamboree 2017

Use these as your inspiration, or let your imagination run wild!


  • The foot part of a pair of nylons
  • Dirt or cedar shavings
  • Grass seed
  • Decorations — googly eyes, pipe cleaners, etc – Go wild! 
  • Spray bottle with water for watering

Key Concepts

  • Gravitropism
  • Phototropism


  • Insert dirt or cedar shavings into the nylon and plant the seed

  • Tie the nylon shut

  • Water your Alien Head with the spray bottle

  • Water the Alien Head 1-2 times daily and watch the grass grow!

  • See the difference in growth between your Alien Head on Earth with the grass grown in microgravity below

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