DreamUp Helps Bring Space to Classrooms across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The DreamUp team is launching one of our largest programs yet! In collaboration with the Saudi Space Commission and Nanoracks, DreamUp is providing three custom experiments to be conducted in microgravity by two Saudi astronauts on the upcoming Ax-2 private astronaut mission to the International Space Station. During a live event with the Saudi crew, nearly 12,000 students at dozens of sites across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will be following along with their own ground-based DreamKits to gather and compare their own data. Select students will also participate in a live event with the Saudi crew in which the Saudi astronauts will answer their questions live.
Read below to learn more about each experiment.

Liquid Fireworks
The “liquid fireworks” payload aims to demonstrate differences in fluid behavior on Earth and in space through a visual experiment. In low-gravity environments, the fluids of differing viscosities and polarity will produce different results than on Earth. To execute this experiment, the Saudi crew will inject fluids and mix components into a custom-designed apparatus designed by Nanoracks.

Heat Transfer
Heat transfer is one of the most critical constraints during a space mission. This experiment will demonstrate the effects of the external environment of space on heat transfer by monitoring the heat transfer of a wire as it heats and cools. Students will compare how heat transfer of the experiment on the space station differs from control experiments that students will perform on Earth. The heat transfer payload will mimic the external environment of space by maintaining a vacuum on the heated wire to showcase the difference in the modes of heat transfer available in space in comparison to Earth.

Space Kites
The Space Kites payload will explore the aerodynamic behavior of kites in a microgravity environment. Three kites of different shapes will be fixed to a fan on the space station and their movement will be tracked. The Saudi crew will capture and share footage from this experiment to be used as a comparison for the ground-based version of the experiment. Analysis on the ground will be performed to compare the kites’ performance in space and on Earth. In addition to the approximately 4,000 students who will be utilizing the ground-based Space Kites DreamKits, the general public can also follow along using a general public guide found on the KSA DreamKit Portal.

Programs like this between DreamUp, Nanoracks and the Saudi Space Commission provide a unique and unmatched experience to not only excite kids about space exploration, but also help educators continue to develop the STEM workforce. DreamUp brings space to your classroom, kitchen table or even an entire country. Check our current offering of DreamKits or educational programs to start exploring a universe of educational opportunities.

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