plants in space
SpaceX-22 Falcon 9 with Dragon Capsule
CAPE CANAVERAL, Florida – June 3, 2021 – At 1:29 PM ET today, Thursday, June 3rd, the 22nd cargo resupply mission from SpaceX lifted off carrying three student experiments from DreamUp in its Dragon capsule, alongside 7,300 pounds of cargo, equipment, experiments, and supplies for the crew aboard the International Space Station. DreamUp, the leader in...
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DreamKit Plants in Space
Interior of a Ground Test for the Plants in Space Experiment BOULDER, CO, December 4, 2018 –DreamUp announces the second experiment in its DreamKit product line is launching to the International Space Station. DreamKits make the science on the International Space Station (ISS) more accessible than ever before to learners on Earth by creating an...
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