Bring space research to your home, classroom, or afterschool program!
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Bring Space to Your Learner

In partnership with Nanoracks, we’ve created cost-effective kits to bring space-based research to your home, classroom, or afterschool program.

Each DreamKit comes with the tools and equipment to conduct an awesome space-based STEM experiment, a detailed scientific workbook, and access to an online portal to compare results on Earth with the results of the same experiment on the International Space Station.

Through a successful Kickstarter Campaign, we raised funds to create these kits so that more learners can access the excitement of the International Space Station.

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Bring Space to Your Learner

A DreamKit provides access to the incredible research happening in microgravity on the International Space Station! Each kit contains experiment materials, detailed instructions and information, and access to an online portal where you can compare your results to the results found by astronauts in microgravity.

Greenwood Shalom

Donate Kits

Give STEM and Space to Students in Need

Make an impact with your purchase. Through our Give Space campaign, give one DreamKit and get one for your learner, donate a classroom set, or donate another amount to learners in need. Your participation provides kits to students at the Greenwood Shalom Afterschool Program in Dorchester, MA. This program serves inner-city students, 30% of whom have disabilities.