Get Started With DreamUp

Getting Started

So, you want to do cool stuff in space?

DreamUp provides opportunities for learners to interact with space at home, in the classroom, in a summer camp, and more!

Learners of all ages can interact with cutting-edge space science, starting with something as simple as our student activities and our Germs in Space DreamKit. We also develop space-based curricula, like the free curriculum available on our website, as well as professional development for educators, and much more.

Want to take space science to the ultimate level?

That’s awesome! Let’s send your experiment to the International Space Station.

Here’s the checklist of what you need to consider before starting your journey.

  • Determine what you want to research in your science classroom. Are you teaching biology this year? Physics? What kind of experiments do you do?
  • Get inspiration from our examples of success. We’ve flown 400+ educational payloads in microgravity.
  • Check out our available hardware:
    • Mixstix, a good starting point: an enclosure with 2 or 3 chambers, similar to a test tube, containing materials that can be combined or shaken by an astronaut during its time on the International Space Station
    • Nanolabs, take it to the next level: a customized enclosure, ranging in size but usually 10x10x15 centimeters, offering more capabilities and volume for the experiment you want to put inside
    • CubeSats, launch from the International Space Station: small satellites that orbit the Earth, which can be designed for your needs and communicate with you for 1-2 years
    • Something Else? We can work with you! We want your research to be your own. Let us know what you need, and we’ll see how to make it happen.
  • Need assistance outlining the specifics of an experiment? Talk to us! We can walk you through the process and provide feedback.
  • Design the curricula to accompany your experiment or use one of ours.
  • Decide what you’d like to be part of your experience – there are lots of options:
    • myLAUNCH: Come experience the thrill of a rocket launch – and see your research fly to space!
    • Contests: We’ve organized country-wide contests where teams of students compete to launch an experiment. We can custom design a contest to fit your community’s needs.
    • Evaluation: We’re all about impact. We know how valuable hands-on research opportunities are for students. Let’s get the data to prove it.
  • Think about your sources of funding. Can we help you apply for a grant?
  • Get in touch! Keep in mind that an experiment will take 6+ months to develop and launch, so we recommend beginning to think about your experiment about a year in advance of when you’d like to see it launch.