Getting Started

Let's Bring Space Science to Your Students!

DreamUp provides opportunities for learners of all ages to interact with space at home, in the classroom, in after-school programs, and more!

We inspire students through transformative, hands-on learning experiences with space science. From our free student activities and curriculum resources to our experience sending more than 500 student experiments to the Space Station, we are here to help students and educators dare to dream. 

What kind of space experience are you looking for? Choose your challenge level below: 

Space Venturer

I'm looking for easy and low-cost ways to get my students excited about space science.

Check out these resources:



Space Navigator

I'm looking for a project that will last several weeks and provide a deeper level of engagement for my learners.

Check out these projects:



Space Commander

I'm interested in sending a student-designed experiment to space and can commit several months to the project.

Let's create a space experiment!

DreamUp supports student competitions, rocket launch viewings, teacher trainings, and much more.
Questions about our programs? Have a space science idea that you don’t see here? Let’s chat.