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Eyes In The Sky

How Satellites Can Promote Social and Environmental Justice

CraftED Curriculum is an online resource of teaching tools for designing deeper learning experiences. Jennifer is a National Faculty Member of Buck Institute for Education, a former founding staff member of High Tech High North County and School Development Coach for New Tech Network. While she was in the classroom, she taught grades 5-10.

About This Curriculum:

  • Secondary – 8th-10th grade
  • Recommended Course: NGSS Integrated Science-1
  • Content Areas Covered: Science, ELA, digital media/technology, with possible extensions in math, social/political science
  • Total Time: 15-21 hours
  • Experience Snapshot: Explore the science of satellites and their capacity to address issues of injustice in our world. Students will apply the knowledge they have gained from the included tutorials to work with their peers on an inquiry-based research project.

My Summer in Space

In-Depth Curriculum
Image credit: NASA/Bill Ingalls

The National Stem Cell Foundation (NSCF) is a non-profit that funds adult stem cell and regenerative medicine research, connects children with limited resources to clinical trials for rare diseases and underwrites the National STEM Scholar program. DreamUp partnered with NSCF and CraftED Curriculum to create “My Summer in Space.”

About This Curriculum:

  • Grade level: Middle School, grades 6-8
  • Content Areas Covered: Science, with math and ELA extensions
  • Total Time: Approximately 25 hours
  • Experience Snapshot: My Summer in Space is an NGSS– and CCSS-aligned project-based learning unit focused on the science of space. As they work through the unit, students address the driving question: “How can we design a product that will make us comfortable during our summer in space?” Ultimately, they will develop a product prototype and present it to an expert panel.
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To The Future And Beyond

Education today looks nothing like it did five years ago. I dare say that recent years in the field of education have shown the greatest shifts than ever before. I predict this trajectory will continue, as I heard recently that 85% of tomorrow’s jobs don’t exist today. How do we prepare our children for a future that is beyond our imagination? We begin by focusing on skills that will allow students to not only exist, but lead us into these new territories of innovation.

Jennifer Pieratt
Founder and President, CraftED Curriculum