Contests, Challenges, and Beyond

DreamUp and Überflieger Winners after the SpaceX-15 Launch
Expand the Impact

Engage a Community

Experienced in managing experiment design competitions with organizations ranging from national space agencies to local nonprofits, DreamUp will help you launch a competition and inspire a generation. Beginning with a call for proposals through the post-flight analysis, DreamUp will work alongside you to engage an entire community in a space mission.

Previous competitions include:

What Does a DreamUp Competition Entail?

Technical Support

In partnership with Nanoracks and their Space Act Agreement with NASA, DreamUp works with student groups around the globe to ensure their experiments are approved for and manifested on SpaceX and Northrop Grumman rockets for launch to the International Space Station.

DreamUp Expertise

DreamUp brings extensive experience successfully managing competitions that provide a comprehensive educational experience and allow student researchers to become pioneers of space science.


Once the winning teams’ experiments are ready for their journey to space, DreamUp will coordinate an impactful experience for students to witness a rocket launch and interact with experts and visionaries.

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