Success Stories

San Jose, California

Valley Christian Schools

Students from Valley Christian Schools in San Jose, California launched the first-ever Windows 10 IoT based experiment to the International Space Station via DreamUp. The experiment ran on NanoRacks Black Box platform. Microsoft and the Quest Institute collaborated to make this opportunity available to these students. They tested the pliability of metals in space with the goal of better understanding how metals react in space.

A Program of the NCESSE

Student Spaceflight Experiments Program

In partnership with DreamUp, and our launch services provider NanoRacks, SSEP has flown over 150 student experiments to the Space Station, with another 53 launching in 2017. SSEP has engaged over 74,000 students grades 5-16 and has reviewed over 16,200 flight experiment proposals. Featured above are students from Hamlin Park School 74 in Buffalo studying potato growth, inspired by The Martian!

Ravensburg, Germany

Edith Stein Agricultural High School

Three students, supported by BASF, crowdfunded a visionary space farming research project. Their project “V3PO” studied the growth of plant cuttings in microgravity in order to bring new knowledge about cultivating plants in space and to inspire new ways to grow food in the future.