Water Tube

Do this easy activity with materials you have at home to compare the effects of microgravity with the gravity on Earth

About Water Tube

Getting Started

If you’ve ever poured out a cup of water, wrung out a towel, or sprayed something with a hose, you’ve observed how water acts here on Earth. However, what do you think happens when you wring out a wet towel on the International Space Station?

In this quick, easy activity, you can compare what happens when you wring out a towel soaked on water on Earth with what happens in space.

Water Tube Activity

Wring out a towel and watch how water behaves on Earth in comparison to how it flows in space


  • Towel
  • Bucket of water

Key Concepts


  • Submerge the towel into water
  • Remove the towel and wring it out above the bucket
  • Note how the water flows from the towel
  • Watch the video and compare your results on Earth with the results of the experiment in space
  • What happens when you try to get the water to stay in your hands?
water tube space research experiment

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