DreamUp: It Takes a Planet to Explore the Universe

With DreamUp, students can become a part of a community of space researchers by designing, implementing, and launching an experiment to the International Space Station. From curriculum development to one-on-one support, DreamUp supports educators and students to ensure that experiments are successfully implemented from conception to data analysis. Learn more about how to get started our hardware, and destinations.

Getting Started

So, you want to send research into space?

That’s awesome! We want to help you. Click below for a checklist of what you need to consider before starting your journey.

Research In Space

DreamUp offers space research opportunities in low-Earth orbit onboard the International Space Station. Our opportunities are accessible to students and innovators of all ages, making space research accessible to anyone with a passion for science.

Attend A Rocket Launch

Feel the ground shake beneath you as you watch one of the world’s greatest wonders. Experience the breathtaking magic of a rocket launch, from the best seats in the house.

Partner With DreamUp

The opportunities are limitless with DreamUp. Whether your school wants to do a research project, your district wants to implement certified curriculum, or you want to build out a national contest, DreamUp is your go to for bringing space to the classroom, and the classroom to space.


DreamUp approved experts with decades of space-based research experience review and approve all potential payloads.


Our partners at Nanoracks provide engineering support and oversee your experiment through the entire process- from safety, to requirements, to booking a launch, and operating the research in space with the astronaut crew!


With every Space Station research experiment comes the opportunity to join us in the myLAUNCH experience. Take a trip down to Kennedy Space Center or to the Wallops Flight Facility to watch your experiment fly to space.

And look to the left to learn a little bit more about what we offer our researchers!

Former NASA Administrator Gives Kudos to Student Researchers

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