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She isn’t an astronaut and she doesn’t have a technical background, but Carie Lemack is inspiring the next generation of astronauts through education.

Three years ago when Lemack was looking for a career change, she kept thinking about a career in space. She’d gone to space camp four times as a kid and always kept that passion, but wasn’t sure where her industry fit was.

Then, she saw a need for space education in the classroom and ultimately co-founded DreamUp, an edtech startup that provides space-based educational programs for learners and educators.

From New Learning Times

Carie Lemack is the cofounder and CEO of DreamUp, the first company to bring space-related STEM training into classrooms, and to bring student-designed experiments into space, on board the ISS. A former national security policy expert/advocate and the producer of an Academy Award-nominated film, Lemack is a proud supporter of all students reaching for the stars.

Carie Lemack attended Space Camp in Alabama no fewer than four times as a young person, so it’s no wonder that as an adult she is busy trying to send students’ research projects into space.

“My mom used to call me her space cadet,” said Lemack, who recently moved her space-based education DreamUp public benefits corporation to Boulder from Washington, D.C.

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Our Students in the News

Stockton University students

The Ocean City Patch and The Current shared stories on Stockton University students who worked with our partner, the Student Spaceflight Experiments Program (SSEP), to launch “Spores in Space: The Effects of Microgravity on Endomycorrhizae”.

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Palatine, IL’s Boy Scout Troop 209

The Chicago TribuneCBS Chicago, and the Daily Herald highlighted the incredible work of Palatine, IL’s Boy Scout Troop 209 to design and launch their experiment. Troop 209 were the first Boy Scouts to send an experiment into space!

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Israel Hayom on the Ramon SpaceLab

Israel Hayom has an article on the Ramon SpaceLab, a scientific education program which invited students to submit ideas, resulting in five MixStix investigations selected to fly to the ISS.

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Rochester SSEP students

Rochester SSEP students were featured in The Democrat and Chronicle and WHEC for their experiment determining the speed of chlorophyll deterioration in microgravity.

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iLEAD DreamUp to Space

The Santa Clarita Valley Signal highlighted the students participating in the iLEAD DreamUp to Space program’s second annual innovation expo. This program is a collaboration between iLEAD Schools and DreamUp.

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Carter Middle School SSEP Students

Knox News featured the team of five student scientists who conducted an experiment on a student’s donated tooth on the International Space Station.

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