Space Farmer DreamKit


SHIPPING NOW!: These STEM experiment kits, developed in partnership with BASF, provide the opportunity to explore the exciting research on the International Space Station. Great for ages 9+, or all ages with adult supervision!

Each Space Farmer DreamKit contains:

  • equipment for conducting the experiment
  • an exploration guidebook with detailed instructions, lessons on space, in-depth descriptions of the science behind the experiment, fun activities and more
  • access to the exclusive online portal to compare the results on the ground with the results in space

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Explore the exciting research on the International Space Station. With our Space Farmer DreamKit, developed in partnership with BASF, learners will grow plants on Earth and compare them to plants grown by astronauts on the International Space Station! The kit comes with materials to implement your experiment; an exploration guidebook with instructions, scientific information, and activities; as well as access to an online portal to compare the results on the ground with the results in space. The Space Farmer DreamKit is great for ages 9+. It’s the perfect activity for classrooms, homeschool programs, after-school clubs, science fairs, and more!

“The idea that the kids were ‘Space Farmers’ and doing something here that was being done or had been done in space was fascinating to them. This was a great tool to use for botany-based science. The study of plant parts and leaf types was great for an upper elementary or middle school group.

More than just studying plants, though, this project was a great way to introduce the scientific process in general. We had to ask several questions, form a hypothesis, set up control and variable situations, conduct, troubleshoot, and analyze and communicate our results. We compared our results to those done by professionals, which gave the kids an extra boost of enthusiasm and feeling of responsibility, which was beautiful to watch.”

— Cecilia Young, Homeschool Parent
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