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At DreamUp, our mission is to realize an educational community where space-based research and space-based projects will be available to all students, from primary to post-doctorate, to the International Space Station and beyond.

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Space Curriculum In Your Classroom

  • Certified curriculum for all grades
  • Specific facilitator instructions
  • Inquiry driven research
  • A multimedia approach to science education

Featured Student

Hannah Friesen, 10, holds up some “worm goo” during an experiment about polymers in teacher Maria Nickel’s class at Woodlands Elementary in Woodlands, Manitoba. The experiment coincides with research for the Student Spaceflight Experiments Program. (Credit: Mike Deal / Winnipeg Free Press)

That's right: Your Classroom, In Space

Send An Experiment To Space

We partner with NanoRacks LLC, who offers student-friendly experiment platforms, for students of all ages, on the International Space Station and on Blue Origin’s New Shepard space vehicle. That’s right – we’ll get your experiment on a rocket and operated in space.

Have the coolest science class or after school club in town.

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Attend A Rocket Launch

We stood in anticipation, holding our breath with eyes wide open. As the seconds counted down to the fateful number one, each STEM member on our team awaited to see the sky illuminate with fire and opaque smoke…

Madeline Bennett, Carmel Christian School, North Carolina

Through DreamUp’s myLAUNCH Program, students from around the world are given special access to rocket launches. Whether you have an experiment on board, or want to book a STEM field trip, DreamUp will provide a breathtaking experience.

Inspiring The Next Generation

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  • Space inspires us to explore. I think we live in a day and age where most people are content with what they have on Earth — but we were founded on exploration. For us to reignite that passion of exploration in another worldly setting is kind of awesome…and very important.

    Student Researcher, Grade 11, Lamar Academy
  • It definitely affected how I think about science. I used to not like it at all, and now it’s my favorite subject. I definitely want to be an astrophysicist so I can study space more.

    Student Researcher
    Grade 6, Kerr Middle School
  • We were on the lookout for a project that we could use school-wide that would address an international audience and focus on science…The whole point is to make STEM come alive, make science something greater.

    Anne Green
    Principal, Vista Magnet Middle School - SSEP Program

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