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Space Ice

Northwestern University


Coming Soon to DreamUp!


Goal: $35,000

Space-based manufacturing of materials poses numerous advantages for U.S. space exploration and utilization. Launch costs may be significantly reduced by launching raw materials for space-based fabrication and structures that are too large for transport may be fabricated in situ. The freeze-casting technique is simple, scalable, cost-effective, and employs easily obtained materials.

The freeze-casting technique has the potential to extend and sustain human activities beyond low-Earth orbit by providing a method to manufacture structural and functional materials in space, thus increasing the reliability and safety of access to space while also decreasing overall costs.


St. Angelican School


St. Columba Anglican School, an independent school situated in Port Macquarie on the Mid North Coast of New South Wales, is an Anglican co-educational school for students from Pre-Kindergarten to Year 12 that is in the prospect stage of implementing an ISS project.  They are looking for partnerships with sponsors at this time. 


Universal Elite Aerospace

The ultimate goal of Universal Elite Aerospace is proactively educate, promote, and direct minority youth and women on the many aviation opportunities that are available if they apply themselves.

DreamUp is working on a potential robotics project with UEA. Stay tuned to learn more!