Average Time is 9-15 Months from Concept to Launch.


Contact Our DreamUp Experts

Submit your request to become a DreamUp Program. Chat with the DreamUp experts on how we can bring your project to space.


Develop Your Project Concept

Consult with the DreamUp Team on requirements for space research, such as safety, containment, and materials.


Secure Research Funding

There are tons of ways to fund student space research! We're happy to share how others have found their funding sources.


Develop Your Project TImeline

DreamUp, NanoRacks and NASA have strict timelines for safety reviews and hardware inspections if Space Station bound.


 Build Your Space   Experiment

DreamUp will provide you with NanoRacks research hardware if necessary. You do the rest!


   T-Minus 3, 2, 1...    Liftoff!

We give our customers VIP access to US-Commercial Space Launches, such as SpaceX and Orbital.



How Exactly Does DreamUp Bring My Research to Space?

DreamUp is powered by NanoRacks, the commercial leader for access to low-Earth orbit. NanoRacks runs the only commercial research platforms on board the International Space Station, allowing absolutely anyone with reputable research to work on ISS. NanoRacks has a number of flight opportunity partners, including Swiss Space Systems (S3) Zero-G Parabolic Flights. This program aims to stimulate commercial student participation in unqiue microgravity research.

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Our lawyers have asked us to remind everyone that all the services, timelines, suggestions and so on described here are not legally binding on our part or that of our partners. There is no guarantee or warranty on this site that projects will be funded, or that launches will take place or that entrepreneurs will hit their targets, etc. In the absence of a signed legal contract please use all you learn here as a 'best efforts' only. We are all in this together, trying to lower the hurdles to get projects into space and what you see here is roadmap for you to take as far as you can.