ISS Expedition: 41/42

ISS Expedition: 39/40

ISS Expedition: 39/40

ISS Expedition 39/40

Gadsen State Community College

Microgravity on Organic H2O Solvents

Aniston, AL

ISS Expedition: 41/42

University of Central Florida

Collisional Evolution of Particles and Aggregates in Micro-Gravity

Orlando, FL

Ohio State University

Heart Effect Analysis Research- Fly Investigations on ISS

Columbus, OH

ISS Expedition: 37/38, 39/40, 41/42

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Microwave Astmospheric CubeSat 

Cambridge, MA

Texas Southern University

Countermeasures to Modulate and Augment Immune System

Houston, TX

ISS Expedition: 41/42

Technical Institute of Zurich

Egypt Against Hepatitis-C- Protein Crystal Growth in Microgravity

Zurich, Germany


University of Zurich

Primary Human Macrophages Testing in Microgravity

Zurich, Germany

ISS Expedition: 30/31

FPT University

Global Atmospheric Tracking-First Vietamese CubeSat

Hanoi, Vietnam