Xploration Outerspace

Space Disasters, Season 2

Lakewood High students and others travel to the Kennedy Space Center in Florida to watch the launch of their plant chamber experiment aboard a SpaceX rocket to the ISS via their NASA HUNCH Program and DreamUp. Jeffco Public Schools Multimedia Journalist Jack Maher has the conclusion to our two-part mini-documentary.

St. Nessan's Community College in Limerick, showing the students working on their space research project that will be sent to the International Space Station on the Orb-2 mission from Wallops. Students Investigate the effects of microgravity on reinforced concrete using Irish Cement.

New Project 1

Narrated by Jeffrey Manber, NanoRacks CEO Ardbeg Distillery undertook a mind blowing project to study the aging of terpines in space--will the result be a better class of whiskey? Time will tell! Keep updated at http://nanoracks.com/category/update/

Space Station Live: NanoRacks Deploying Cubesats from the Station