Carie Lemack

CoFounder & CEO

Abby Dickes

Manager, Creative & Strategic Planning

Kat Khvostova

Business Development Assistant

Advisory Board

Ken Shields


Director of Operations & NASA Liaison

Since November of 2012, Ken Shields has served as Director of Operations and Education for CASIS where he is responsible for the planning and execution of activities focused on sponsored projects and payloads destined for the ISS National Laboratory. This includes identifying appropriate resources and technology partners for facilitating payload development, testing, integration and successful execution of flight projects. 

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Jeff Manber


Managing Director/CEO

Jeffrey Manber co-founded NanoRacks in 2009 and has since served as the Managing Director/CEO. Jeffrey comes with three decades of experience in bringing innovative projects to the marketplace, both in manned and unmanned space exploration and utilization. His philosophy for NanoRacks brings together three concepts as the driving fore: low-cost, standardization of hardware, and understanding the customer.

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Mike Johnson

XO Markets

Chief Designer

Mike Johnson, also co-founder of NanoRacks, has over 20 years of experience in the aerospace industry and has extensive capabilities in spacecraft design, fabrication, and operations. Mike holds the unique role of Chief Designer, one reserved for a special engineer with an eye for the future. Through his innovation, NanoRacks established the ultimate "plug and play" method of space research on the International Space Station.

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Steps To Being DreamUp Approved

1. Fill out our form to contact DreamUp Director, Patricia Mayes, about your space research project

2. Be sure to include a full description of your project. And remember, it does not have to be only for the International Space Station! 

3. Our team will work to assure that your space-based plans are realistic

Once our Advisory Board is satisfied with your project, they will award you with the DreamUp Approved green check!



It goes for everyone. 

Every project listed with DreamUp has been formally "DreamUp Approved." That means the DreamUp Advisory Board and specialized consultants have declared the project realistic, doable, and is following the correct path for safety approval. All of our science research is 100% legitimate.