DreamUp offers world-class research platforms for students and entrepreneurs around the world. Utilizing the NanoRacks commercial research lab, anyone has the opportunity to conduct research in microgravity. 

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Are you and a group of students interested in doing space research from the classroom? DreamUp will help you design and write a proposal to create space-based research curriculum and after school programs.

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Is Your Project DreamUp Approved?

Our Advisory Board 'DreamUp Approves' every experiment you see listed with us.

Every research experiment that comes through DreamUp is analyzed by our experts, all with decades of experience in the space industry, to ensure the experiment is realistic for space research. If you want to fund a project, your donor's will know for sure the science is legitimate and space-ready.

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This was a huge team effort. Thanks to the team at DreamUp and NanoRacks, we coudn’t have done it without your help!
— Matthew Brown, Engineering Instructor, Lakewood High School

Chicks in Space
When we started this project we didn’t know where this was going to end up. Thanks to the team at DreamUp, NanoRacks and Experiment.com, and all of our project backers, we now can research renewable food sources for astronauts.
— Chicks In Space

Entrepreneurs around the world are seeking funds to send their research to suborbital and low-Earth orbit. Help make their dreams come true. All projects are 'DreamUp Approved' by our Advisory Board.

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Our platforms give access to the frontlines of space research and we see all of our educational payloads as a contribution to the space industry. We are thrilled to be working with NASA and the ISS Program Office for commercial and student research on Station.
— Educational Payloads Director


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