DreamUp: Year in Review

Dear DreamUp supporters,

What an incredible ride 2017 has been for everyone at DreamUp. Thanks to your support, we’ve impacted countless students around the globe, providing access to space-based educational opportunities both on Earth and in microgravity.

We’re proud to share some highlights with you:

Launches 🚀
SpaceX CRS-13

In 2017, we launched student experiments to the International Space Station via SpaceX and Orbital ATK rockets and flew a payload our first student payload in suborbital flight on Blue Origin’s New Shepard space vehicle. Other experiments conducted in microgravity included a Cuberider microchip and payloads from the Student Spaceflight Experiment Program‘s Mission 9, Mission 10, and Mission 11. In total, we launched 81 experiments on five rockets!

Xtronaut ISS
Xtronaut ISS

In 2017, DreamUp announced a partnership with Xtronaut and our launch services provider, NanoRacks, to create Xtronaut ISS kits. These kits allow learners to replicate an experiment conducted by an astronaut on the International Space Station, and compare the results found in their homes and classrooms through a special online portal. This offers the opportunity to engage an unlimited number of learners in exciting and cost-effective research in space.

Thanks to the generous support from our Kickstarter backers, Domino Sugar, and C&H Sugar, the Earth-based kits will be manufactured in 2018 and are already available on our website for pre-purchase

DreamUp around the World

DreamUp made appearances near and far this year, spreading the #daretodream vision worldwide, and engaging thousands of learners of all ages in the excitement of space research. These appearances included:

Drew, Carie, and Mike at the Boy Scout Jamboree 2017
Drew Glassford, Carie Lemack, and Mike LoPresti at the Boy Scout Jamboree
Destination Imagination
Destination Imagination Global Finals
Carie and DCS Montessori
Carie Lemack and the DCS Montessori Payload flown on Blue Origin's New Shepard Space Vehicle

Another first for DreamUp this year was our Überflieger contest, conducted in coordination with DLR, the German space agency. In this country-wide contest, students from universities across Germany competed to launch NanoLab experiments they designed and built to the International Space Station. German ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst will conduct the three winning teams’ experiments on the ISS after they launch in 2018.

Überflieger NanoLab
DreamUp Asks

We hosted our first media contest with prizes from BioWare’s Mass Effect™ Andromeda. Entrants were challenged to submit an essay, video, work of art, or other expression to describe how a normal activity on Earth would have to be adapted for human space habitation. This unique contest is one more way DreamUp is bringing the excitement and educational opportunities of space to learners around the globe.

Grace Lee imagines life in space
Grace Lee's winning entry in our first-ever media contest

In 2017, students from Edith Stein School Ravensburg & Aulendorf and scouts from Boy Scout Troop 209 earned their DreamUp wings while witnessing their payloads launch into space as part of DreamUp’s myLAUNCH program. Learners of all ages engaged in the excitement of microgravity research, outer space, and awesome rocket launches.

myLAUNCH at SpaceX-13
myLAUNCH participants at the SpaceX-13 DreamUp myLAUNCH Session at the Space Life Sciences Lab in Cape Canaveral, Florida
V3PO students from Germany after the successful launch of their crowd-funded plant-growth research project on SpaceX CRS-10
Boy Scout Troop 209 from Palatine, IL show off their DreamUp Wings at SpaceX CRS-12
News & Media

DreamUp gained a lot of interest from the media this year as our students continue to make an impact in their communities and beyond.

FOX’S Xploration Outer Space featured DreamUp and Palatine, Illinois’ Boy Scout Troop 209 who created the first-ever Boy Scout payload launched to the International Space Station.

Troop 209 at SpaceX-13 on Xploration Outer Space

The Baltimore Sun had a front-page feature story on the launch of our Xtronaut ISS Crystal Growth kit on SpaceX-13, and the Orlando Sentinel quoted DreamUp CEO and Cofounder Carie Lemack, who explained how space research inspires students to be the next generation of innovators and explorers.
SpaceRef highlighted the operations of our Xtronaut ISS Microbial Growth payload as astronauts investigated the small life living around them on the ISS, while Space.Com featured the DCS Montessori Middle School payload on Blue Origin’s New Shepard space vehicle.
Finally, don’t miss the latest op-eds in Space.Com from Carie Lemack, DreamUp CEO and Cofounder:

Happy New Year, and may you #daretodream to the stars in 2018! 🌟 

The DreamUp Team

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