Pairing Innovator Research with Investment Opportunity

Pairing Innovator Research with Investment Opportunity 

Dear Young Entrepreneurs,

At DreamUp, we believe the future lies in space research and exploration. There is a universe full of mysteries out there, and our mission is to work with young innovators to discover the unknown, as that isexactly where we can find clues to improving life on Earth.

So, we are offering you – the innovator, the entrepreneur, the trailblazer – a chance to pitch your commercially viable science research projects to investors. Think your plant growth chamber can help fortify desert regions? What about a study of fluid reactions towards developing the next great skin product? You hold the keys, and we’re here to help open the lock.

DreamUp has teamed with Space Angels Network to make this possible for you. Anyone with a space-based research idea can apply for investment through our strategic partnership. DreamUp vets projects through the DreamUp Board of Advisors, to declare your project “DreamUp Approved.” This seal from our experts tells our investment partners that your project is realistic, and viable for space research – that especially means we believe your project will get through a rigorous NASA Safety Process (should your project be destined for the International Space Station).

If approved, we’ll send your proposal to the Angels, and they’ll review the potential commercial viability for your project, and decide if your project will advance to the next round of discussions.

It’s our goal to make this process as simple as possible for you. The Angels have crafted templates that will walk through the best way to pitch a research idea to DreamUp and the Space Angels Network – we want you to succeed, and want to provide all of the resources to help you do just that.

Do you dare to dream in space?

Is your team ready to get started? You can Contact Us first with questions about getting started on space-based research. Or, if you think your team is ready, you can download and fill out the Business Plan Wire Frame below and send to



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