Classroom Bundle: Germs in Space DreamKit


These STEM experiment kits provide the opportunity to explore the exciting research on the International Space Station. This classroom bundle contains 6 kits, providing enough materials for two full rounds of the experiment with three groups of students.

Each Germs in Space DreamKit contains:

  • equipment needed to implement the experiment including three pairs of gloves, three sterile swabs, thirteen Petri plates with lids, tape, a disposable apron, three zip top bags
  • an exploration guidebook with detailed instructions, lessons on space, in-depth descriptions of the science behind the experiment, fun activities and more
  • access to the exclusive online portal to compare the results on the ground with the results in space

Other materials needed include:

  • water
  • microwave safe container or hotplate and beaker or flask
  • stirring utensil
  • marker

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Your students can explore cutting-edge research on the International Space Station. With Germs in Space, learners explore what bacteria and other small life lives around them every day, and they can compare what they find with what astronauts have found living amongst them on the space station! The kit comes with everything you need to implement your experiment; an exploration guidebook with instructions, scientific information, and activities; as well as access to an online portal to compare the results on the ground with the results in space.


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