Educator Lesson Plan for Space Farmer DreamKit


Designed to accompany our Space Farmer DreamKit, this lesson plan provides a detailed guide to conduct the space farmer experiment with students, including learning extension activities and resources. Written by a current science educator and aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards, this lesson plan will guide your students through an adaptable three-to-six-week program to grow their own plants and compare them to plants grown in microgravity on the International Space Station. Students will learn about plant biology, microgravity, how to conduct a scientific investigation, and much more!

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This document contains lesson plans for educators to use the Space Farmer DreamKit to its full potential. Each lesson is typically between 45 and 60 minutes. These NGSS-aligned lessons can be done in a classroom or after school setting and can be adapted to between three and six weeks of daily activities as needed. The lessons contain handy notes and activities for educators to use as they guide their students through the experience of becoming space researchers.


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