DreamUp Launches New Programs and Payloads on SpaceX-16

Immaculata and iLEAD at SpX-16
Immaculata Catholic School and iLEAD Schools Students Celebrate after a Successful Launch of SpaceX CRS-16

CAPE CANAVERAL, Florida – December 5, 2018 – DreamUp, the leader in space-based educational offerings, is proud to announce the launch of four exciting payloads to the International Space Station (ISS) on today’s SpaceX-16 Falcon 9 rocket launch. These payloads each represent not only extraordinary student efforts, but also the growth of unique DreamUp partnerships that provide more access to space for learners from all backgrounds around the globe.

The four experiments, conducted and sponsored by iLEAD Schools, Space Center Houston, BASF and the CASIS Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy contest, launched alongside over 5,500 pounds of crew supplies, other science investigations, spacewalk materials, hardware, and more.

The SpaceX CRS-16 Dragon successfully launched on a Falcon 9 rocket at 1:16 PM EST this afternoon from Space Launch Complex 40 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida.

BASF sponsored the launch of our second DreamUp DreamKit, called Plants in Space, which enables more learners to connect with the incredible science taking place on the ISS. DreamKits allow student researchers to mimic science conducted by astronauts in microgravity and compare their results, via an online portal. Plants in Space users will learn how “rocket” (aka arugula) grows in microgravity and be able to compare the growth of their seeds on Earth to those grown in microgravity. DreamUp is proud to work alongside BASF to inspire and engage the next generation workforce. This new DreamKit will be available to learners in 2019.

Two other experiments also demonstrate the unique partnerships DreamUp is building. The first, researching how coffee reacts to plaque found on teeth in a microgravity environment, comes from the learners and educators at iLEAD Schools. The program impacted hundreds of students, providing them with hands-on, deeper learning experiences throughout the project.

An experiment from Space Center Houston marks the beginning of a special collaboration with DreamUp. Not only did students from Immaculata Catholic School have a chance to receive guidance from scientists at Precision BioSciences to conceive of and build the payload, but soon visitors to Space Center Houston will be able to interact with a unique exhibit providing access to the science conducted both on the ground and in microgravity.

DreamUp was honored to be selected by CASIS earlier this year to provide support and services to Team Rocket of their Guardians of the Galaxy contest, in partnership with Marvel. Adia Bulawa proposed the winning experiment, focusing on the reaction and adhesion of resin with teeth in microgravity, to ensure astronauts have access to proper dental care while in orbit or transiting to the moon, Mars and beyond. Adia had the chance to work with experts on the design and build stages of the payload, and she also spoke at NASA’s What’s on Board briefing to share her experience with the media.

“DreamUp is dedicated to bringing space into classrooms, and classrooms into space,” says Carie Lemack, DreamUp’s CEO and Co-founder. “Each of these exciting partnerships, from the sponsorship by BASF of our second DreamKit to the opportunity to interact with visitors at Space Center Houston, ensure DreamUp is creating possibilities for every learner, regardless of background or location to reach for the stars.”

These launch opportunities were made possible via our partnership with NanoRacks and its Space Act Agreement with NASA.

For additional media inquiries, please email us at info@dreamup.org, and for continued updates, be sure to follow @DreamUp_Space on Twitter and Instagram.

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