Working With National Space Grant

Working With National Space Grant

Last month we had the privilege to attend the National Space Grant Directors’ Council Meeting in Tucson. Space Grant is an amazing group that works with NASA and universities in all 50 of the United States to provide organized funding and programs. It’s rather unlikely that each and success story from this great program could ever be fully documented, but it’s very common to find people in the space industry who got their start through a Space Grant internship or fellowship.

DreamUp, NanoRacks and Space Grant continue to work together, with NanoRacks integrating low-earth orbit investigations.   Not only International Space Station projects, but now suborbital programs are available to researchers. Many groups have applied to the 2015 Undergraduate Student Instrument Project (USIP) opportunity to launch their science on Blue Origin’s space vehicle New Shepard or a cubesat using the NanoRacks CubeSat Deployer on ISS.   Recipients of this grant will have a monetary source to cover expenses and about two years to put it all together. We are looking forward to seeing all the projects fly!


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