Baltimore Sun: Domino Sugar is heading to space as part of interactive science project

Three pounds of Domino Sugar in space

Three pounds of Domino Sugar will head to space on Wednesday.

The Baltimore refinery and a sister refinery, C&H Sugar in California, are each providing sugar for a cargo delivery flight to the International Space Station aboard a SpaceX Dragon spacecraft, Domino Sugar announced Monday.

No, the orbiting astronauts aren’t whipping up a batch of sugar cookies for Christmas. They will use the sugar to grow crystallized rock candy in zero-gravity, while students — including some at Francis Scott Key Elementary/Middle School in Locust Point — grow it on Earth and compare their progress.

The Crystal Growth Experiment, as the interactive science project is known, was designed by DreamUp, NanoRacks and Xtronaut, which develop space-related science, technology, engineering and math programs for schools.

The rock candy experiment teaches students about the scientific processes of nucleation and crystallization, in which sugar molecules in a saturated solution — usually water — bond together and grow into the hard candy treat.

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