Carie Lemack: How DreamUp’s Space Act Agreement with NASA is a Lifetime in the Making

Carie Lemack

DreamUp is thrilled to announce our Space Act Agreement with NASA. Here, DreamUp CEO and Co-founder explains why this is so important, not only to DreamUp, but also on a personal level.

This week’s announcement DreamUp’s Space Act Agreement with NASA is a tremendous professional success, but it is also a personal dream come true.  As a young child, watching the first space shuttle land, I was immediately in awe of space, the universe and all the wonder therein.  I had lots of questions – where does the sky begin? – and a dream to somehow play a role as humans broke the bond of gravity and reached for the stars.

All the clichés aside, I really did dream of being someone whose work included something to do with space.  I just wasn’t sure what I would do.  Particularly when I chose not to pursue a degree in Chemistry as I’d planned, I wasn’t sure how I could continue to include space in my life plans.

But some dreams never die, and when the opportunity to lead DreamUp was available, I knew it was my way to contribute and add value to the incredible work being done by individuals around the globe advancing knowledge of and access to space.  While I might not be working at a lab or building a rocket, I now have the honor to work with the next generation of innovators and explorers, to ensure they have the opportunity to dream big and far.

This is all to say I never could have imagined as a young child that my adult self would sign a Space Act Agreement with NASA.  Besides not knowing what a Space Act Agreement was, I didn’t have the foresight to envision a company like DreamUp could ever exist, never mind that I would be part of it.  It is with pride that DreamUp is now officially recognized by NASA, that we have an agreement in place making clear that space is capable in all classrooms, and all classrooms are capable of being in space.  We may not always know exactly the way in which our dreams will materialize, but when I look at this Space Act Agreement, I know I see one of mine.

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