DreamUp Launches in 2017!

Throughout the first month of 2017, the DreamUp team has been busy implementing space-based educational programs around the world and strategizing new initiatives based on lessons learned from our first full year as a stand-alone company in 2016. We’d like to take the time now to share our reflections and give supporters a glimpse into what lies ahead.

2016 was a leap year, and DreamUp leapt forward, providing unprecedented numbers of students from all over the globe the unforgettable experience of launching research projects to outer space. Over the course of 366 days, our team had the opportunity to engage over a thousand students from 113 schools and universities in hands-on space research experiments.

Last year alone, we launched over 60 educational payloads to space on five different rockets, designed by student researchers from 7 different countries. We’ve also grown our myLAUNCH and DreamUp graduation programs – offering 50 students a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to attend a rocket launch and honoring over 100 DreamUp graduates with certificates to celebrate their incredible achievements and welcome them to our growing alumni community.

Part of DreamUp’s core mission is to immerse students and educators at every level of education in the wonder of outer space through engaging programs that highlight the multifaceted applications of STEM skills and the growing opportunities in the global space industry. In 2016, we produced and released our first-ever, completely free, curriculum for educators. Located on our website, the “Eye in the Sky” curriculum was developed in partnership with Jenny Pieratt at CraftED and incorporates space-based data and images to help students determine whether the Earth is a just planet. All are welcome to download and use this Next Generation Science Standard-compliant resource at no cost, but if you do, please send us feedback so we can incorporate your thoughts in our next curriculum release!

Looking ahead, we foresee a very active 2017. As we implement the first-ever DreamUp Challenge, realize partnership agreements with some of the largest school districts in the country, and invite more and more student researchers to experience the wonder of rocket launches, DreamUp will continue to improve our services as the leading provider for experiential learning in space.

We can’t wait to share the exciting developments we’re working on – and hope you’ll follow along on our journey!

Carie Lemack

CEO and Co-Founder



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